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dsia (guest) 18 Feb 2012 14:58
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haksds by dsia (guest), 18 Feb 2012 14:58

Right ! Thank you, must be in squad again.

by adrian (guest), 08 Aug 2011 08:34

do another run in the same TT and you can cash your reward

by _niceveno_ (Heaven Tear) (guest), 25 Jul 2011 17:37

I finished the requisites for Expedition I and II; 5 Ancient Tauroc Warriors and Substancia. But never cashed them in with the NPC Captain Wingstand upon completion. How do I cash them now?

Do you know where I could find a similar list of gear for legendary, Nirvana, Warsong and Lunar?

looking for info by dcTyraeldcTyrael, 24 Jan 2011 17:59

The TT 90 (gold) magic weapon, Blade of the Red Dust takes 24 subs, NOT 15 like it says. Can someone please update this site?

Re: Chip costs that are not listed & errors found. by Julia (guest), 07 Sep 2010 22:05

The costs in coin for TT gold mats bought with mysterious chips listed with "0?" as an answer are as follows:

Ancient Devil's Soul - 538 chips, 11.52 mill coins
Empire's Back Image - 488 chips, 10.44 mill coins
Giant Beast's Footprint - 490 chips, 10.5 mill coins
Illusion Stone - 840 chips, 18 mill coins
Illusion Lord's Stone - 112 chips, 2.4 mill coins

Also, Ancient Devil's Horn and Dust of Devil are found in 2-3 (NOT 1-3) from the same boss, Ancient Evil (Belial).

Chip costs that are not listed & errors found. by Julia (guest), 31 Aug 2010 03:46
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