Twilight Temple Guide

Locating the Twilight Temple

* The coordinate for the entrance is 130, 668.
* There is an option to use the Illusion Stone in Archosaur South or Archosaur West.

MTLoc.jpg ArrowRt.png SsTOut.jpg ArrowRt.png SsTEnt.jpg

Entering the Twilight Temple

1) The Twilight Temple is separated into four areas. You enter into the Hall of Choice: This is where you choose which Act to select or use the forges.
Access to each Act is blocked until you talk to the corresponding pillar, some parts of the acts are also blocked in solo mode.

Name Requirements
- Hall of Choice None
Act I Requien of the Wraiths You must be at least level 60 to be able to talk to the stone pillar.
Act II Symphony of the Fates You must be at least level 74 to be able to talk to the stone pillar.
Act III Aria of Dawn You must be at least level 88 to be able to talk to the stone pillar.

Once you talk to the pillar the blocking wooden door disappear and you can teleport in to the Act selected.

SsTAct.jpg ArrowRt.png SsTOpen.jpg ArrowRt.png SsTSel1.jpg

2) Upon entering, you will be asked to select the adventure mode. There are two modes to choose from.

Mode types Minimum Maximum
Solo 1 player 4 players in a party
Party 4 players in a party 6 players in a party

3) The next pillar will ask only the party leader to choose the level of difficulty you want your adventure to be.

Act Levels of difficulty (Recommended level of players)
I 1-1 Chronol (Lv.60-65) 1-2 Dimensic (Lv.68-73) 1-3 Substancia (Lv.76-81)
II 2-1 Substancia (Lv.74-79) 2-2 Naught (Lv.82-87) 2-3 Null (Lv.90-95)
III 3-1 Null (Lv.88-93) 3-2 Vacuity (Lv.95-100) 3-3 Doom (Above Lv.100)

4. Only in the party mode, there will be next two pillars that will ask you the number of bosses and monsters that you will face.

Act Mode # of Monsters # of Boss's USB Req.
Medium Medium 0
Party Many Medium 0
I Medium High 1
Many High 1
Solo n/a n/a 1 (2 in 1-3)
Medium Medium 0
Party Many Medium 0
II Medium High 2
Many High 2
Solo n/a n/a 2 (3 in 2-3)
Medium Medium 0
Party Many Medium 0
III Medium High 3
Many High 3
Solo n/a n/a 3 (4 in 3-3)

Ultimate Substance

For certain conditions, the dungeon door will open if you have Ultimate Substance in your inventory. This item can be crafted from the "Twilight Forge: Materials" located inside the Twilight Temple or at the lower left side of Archosaur.
It is also required in the crafting of items from the Twilight Temple.

MMM03.gif 5x Refined Steel
MMW03.gif 5x Fine Lumber
MMS03.gif 5x Rubstone Powder
MME03.gif 5x Anthracite
= TMUSB.png 1x Ultimate Substance (USB)

Resetting the dungeon

* Exiting the dungeon and then entering directly will not reset the dungeon to its original state

Solo mode

* Wait for 20 minutes after leaving the dungeon for it to be restored to its original state
* Invite someone and pass the leadership to him/her then leave the party

Party mode

* Disperse the party and leave the dungeon. Reorganize your party but the previous party leader should not be the same party leader.

Quest List

Area Level Name Of Quest Requirement Experience Spirit Coin
Archaeologist? Talk to NPC at start 20 4 5,000
1-1 60+ Graverobbers Drop from: Catacomb Bone Rager (Lvl 63) Rate:100% 30,000 5,000 6,000
Graverobbers Journey Kill: 4 Catacomb Archer (lvl 65) 25,000 5,000 4,000
Hsuefeng Kill: Crypt Scorpionale (150) 30,000 6,000 5,000
Brother's Soul Kill: Soul of Hsuehfeng (Lvl 150) 45,000 9,000 7,500
1-2 68+ Hu's Treasure Drop from: Catacomb Guard (70) Rate:50% 40,000 8,000 7,000
Lich's Head Drop from: Twilight Lich (150) Rate:100% 45,000 9,000 7,500
Percussion Master Drop from: Lord of Percussion: Dimensic Rate:100% 50,000 10,000 8,000
1-3 76+
2-1 74+
2-2 82+
2-3 90+
3-1 88+
3-2 95+
3-3 100+


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